In 2020, we helped many companies tide through the pandemic by providing legal services for our clients.

S K SONG represents a number of prestigious banking institutions in Malaysia and some MNC local and foreign, especially from Singapore. Our legal insight spans a variety of industries, including property related legal services, financial services, digital law, criminal cases etc.

Our law firms boasts more than 7 attorneys, with core competency extending beyond family laws and contractual agreement drafting. We regularly advises and represents some of the most dynamic and sophisticated public and private companies and business development firms. We have some of the best experiences in handling law in relation to property, finance and family matters.

Being well versed in complex litigation based services, we have the experience of representing and counseling our clients in class actions and other regulatory proceedings. Our legal team with their extensive experiences in real estate, property law complements the breath of solutions we offer in relation to matters which are correlated and relevant to current needs.

Our Johor office’s mission is to provide quality legal advice utilizing the vast legal repertoire and experience available with our dynamic legal team. We craft legal services to individual needs, ensuring our clients are able to cope with the necessary legal challenges faced today.